Why Mandarin NOW





     Why choose Mandarin Now



1.   We focus on practical Chinese: how the Chinese language is really used in China. Because we focus on practical, real-world situations, students can apply what they learn in class to their life and work from the very first lesson. Once students see results, they are naturally eager to learn Mandarin Chinese even more.



2.   We teach in Chinese, using English only when absolutely necessary. We have found this approach to be very helpful in accelerating the time it takes for students to be comfortable using Chinese in practical situations and to become naturally fluent in the language.



3.   We measure progress and use the results to provide feedback to students. We test students’ knowledge at regular milestones and compare this with hours spent in class and the teaching methods used. This allows students to benchmark their progress and also allows us to identify learning points that may need increased focus. It also provides us with valuable feedback on which methods work best and allows us to continuously optimize our teaching techniques.



4.     Our campus is in a great location, with convenient transportation and a friendly student and teacher environment.



5.     Student Visa Support.