-When can I begin studying Mandarin Chinese?
Mandarin Now has a flexible schedule and you can begin a Private Tutoring course any time you wish. Students can join our group classes each month.  
-How will I know my Chinese level?
Before joining our classes or beginning Private Tutoring lessons, Mandarin Now will give you a professional assessment consisting of a written exam and an oral test. Based on this assessment, you will be placed into a class at a level most appropriate for you.
-How can I pay?
You may come to our school and pay by cash or credit card. (3% extra will be charged for payment by foreign credit card and 1% extra for payment by Chinese credit card).
-If I miss some lessons, could I have make-up class?
Yes. You can notify the company in advance to get a private lesson to make up for the content you missed in a group class. Of course, as the lessons are given privately, a fee will apply.
-Besides taking Mandarin lessons, what else can I do?
In addition to group classes and private tutoring, Mandarin Now arranges a number of extracurricular excursions aimed at giving you a unique insight into Chinese culture. You can learn to make dumplings, practice tai-chi, write calligraphy, partake in a tea ceremony or take part in any of the other myriad of activities that we regularly organize.
-Where do Mandarin Now students come from?
We teach people who come from countries all around the world. They are from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, elsewhere in Asia, and Africa. Some of these people are working in China, some come specifically to study Mandarin and some are here because their spouse is working in China.
-Which type of visa should I apply for?
We recommend you apply for the “L visa” (tourist visa) if you are staying for less than 3 months, or the “F visa” (business visa) if you plan to stay for longer than 3 months.
-Where can I live while studying?
Upon request, we are happy to help arrange living accommodations for you at any hotel or serviced apartment of your choice. For example, for students coming from abroad to study at Mandarin Now, we are able to arrange apartments located in the city center with easy access to underground stations and near large shopping centers. Shanghai is major destination for night life and dining. We have many options available depending on your length of stay and budget.
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