Students’ Recommendations

I had gone through searching many schools before I found Mandarin NOW and I must say this was a superb decision to join Mandarin NOW. You are doing great work and Ella is a superb teacher and human being. Thanks a lot for everything!!
5 Stars! 10 years living in Shanghai with only patchy Mandarin... I was around HSK 3/4 level (at best) when I joined Mandarin NOW. What really helped me was that the teachers catered well to my level and the holes in my learning. Most important of all, they were suitably pushy! They genuinely want all their students to learn and succeed. Many schools take your money and leave you somewhat to your own devices. The teachers at Mandarin NOW all pushed me and offered me plenty of materials and support, but without making me feel nagged or insanely pressured. They even worked around my schedule to create class times that suited me. I passed HSK 4 & 5 first time during my time at the school. Can't really ask for more than all that!!
I am really enjoying the classes with Lena at Mandarin NOW. She creates a safe environment in the class where I feel comfortable talking, making mistakes, and asking questions. She has made learning Chinese feel much less "scary."
Recommended by a friend to me, I can only do the same thing and gladly recommend Mandarin NOW to everyone learning Chinese, because of three, for me the most important, quality characteristics. The first one is their unique style of teaching the Chinese language. Preparing for everyday life, they teach you by role playing in different, authentic situation and support your creativity of expressing in the foreign language. A huge success of their teaching method using less English and more Mandarin to explain new expressions and vocabulary is, that you achieve reacting directly to questions and situations in everyday life without losing the time of thinking about translations. The second one is helpfulness. I had several problems with my bank accounts, with booking tickets for my trips or other administrative things. Each time they helped, advised and took care of me. Not to mention how welcoming and cordial they received me each time. The third one is flexibility. They adapt to my university and travel schedule, so that I could freely plan my stay in China without any problems. In addition they respected my learning progress, efforts and my needs depending on everyday life and travels and included them in their curriculum. At last I can only thank them for everything. My progress is their success.
Mandarin NOW has a very interactive and holistic approach to learning Chinese. The lessons are throughly designed to be useful for everyday life with focus on all language learning skills-Oral,listening,reading and writing. And of course the teachers are super fun and great!!
Zoe has been my teacher for over 2 years and I have recommended her to lots of friends and colleagues. Her attitude is amazing and she makes learning Chinese, which at times can be very challenging, fresh and exciting. Her attitude is always positive and , in all the time I have known her, has never had an "off" day. Still to this day she teaches me 3 times a week. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Ella is a great teacher and worked to push me as I occasionally drifted off in class. She encouraged me to spend extra time at Mandarin NOW to improve my Chinese. Even though I was busy with other commitments, when I was able to focus on my Mandarin studies Ella was always there to help correct my language skills ensure that I would learn how to speak Mandarin the right way with appropriate grammar, pronunciation and sentence structure.
Wendy is a great teacher. She made sure that she had an appropriate lesson plan ready for us each and everyday and was well aware of where the previous teacher left off from the last class. Wendy also has a terrific memory and remembered even the smallest of personal and social details that we discussed in previous classes and was able to integrate these into the course learnings for future classes.
I had a number of Chinese teachers and can really recommend Mandarin now. The teachers are excellent and their enthusiasm for teaching Chinese was infectuous. The lessons were fun and I made excellent progress in both written and spoken Chinese and will be back to further improve my Chinese. An excellent choice for learning Chinese.
I've been studying Chinese part time for 2 years now. I've had both Emily and LingLing as my teachers in group classes when I was just starting out, and now in private sessions twice a week. They are both wonderful teachers, very professional and patient with my very poor pronunciation (I really have a hard time with those tones!!) They work me hard but I am making progress. If they can teach me (a middle age housewife who has never tried to learn another language before) they can teach anyone!! I highly recommend them as teachers.
I have been spending some times in Shanghai prior deciding to take Chinese classes; my apprehension about Chinese language was entirely dissipated by the kindness n patience of the teachers at Mandarin Now. not only their method is easy to follow, logical but overall it open suddenly a wide new world when you start to listen to what people talk about and start to communicate. After a few weeks lessons, i feel better at home in Shanghai! I strongly recommend Mandarin NOW school.
Mijn naam is Jaap en ik heb Chinese les bij Mandarin NOW. Ik heb les van Wendy en de individuele lessen zijn er goed en worden met veel geduld en aandacht gegeven. Kortom, zeer tevreden en een aanrader voor iedereen die Chinees wil leren.
Ciao! Sono Diego Padova, studio cinese alla scuola Mandarin Now. Ho studiato qui per quattro mesi.Sono arrivato all’inizio di Agosto senza sapere una parola di cinese, dopo poche settimane ero in grado di ordinare ai bar, ai ristoranti e di prendere il taxi. Le lezioni sono molto intense ma tutte le professoresse molto brave e molto simpatiche. Le ore passano velocemente e si riescono davvero ad imparare molte cose. I prezzi sono conveniente, tutto cio’ di cui c’e’ bisogno e’ andare in giro e cominciare a parlare con le persone. Vi consiglio vivamente di scegliere questa scuola!
Hallo alle zusammen, this is Fabian from Germany. I love Mandarin NOW, because it gives you what you most badly need as a beginner: Fluency. By being “forced” to speak Chinese, you improve so rapidly. So my recommendation: try it yourself!
I am currently studying a HSK 5 course with Mandarin NOW. I am absolutely delighted I have chosen to study with this school. My teacher couldn't be more helpful and has great experience in teaching Chinese. Our classes are very enjoyable and I am learning so much! I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to study Chinese in Shanghai.
Mille fois merci à Emily, LingLing et Shu pour leur accueil chaleureux et leur enseignement très professionnel. Grâce à elles, j'ai pu passé mon HSK 4 en 2 semaines ! Non seulement, j'ai pu travailler efficacement mon chinois mais j'ai aussi passé 2 semaines absolument fantastiques en leur compagnie. Je recommande vivement cette école à tous ceux qui veulent apprendre le chinois dans une atmosphère chaleureuse et pédagogique. Many thanks to the Mandarin Now staff team who has warmly welcomed us. Not only have I passed my HSK 4, but these 2 weeks have been an absolute delight in every sense of the word. I highly recommend Mandarin Now to any student wishing to learn chinese in a warm and educational atmosphere.
저는 Mandarin Now의 Emily 선생님 수업을 추천합니다~ 그 이유는,그녀는 중국문학을 석사과정까지 공부하여 중국에 대한 깊은 이해를 바탕으로, 영어와 한국어를 자유자재로 구사하여 외국인이 중국어를 배울때에 쉽고 재미있게 가르쳐주기 때문입니다! 제가 상해에 있을때 Emily 선생님을 만난것은 정말 행운이었다고 생각합니다~ 또한, 그녀의 삶에 대한 진지한 태도와 열정은 학습의 동기부여가 되어 함께 중국어를 배우다보면 어느새 중국어 실력도 일취월장해있을 것입니다~ 에밀리 선생님 수업을 듣는다면, 단순히 언어만 배우는 것 이상으로 좋은 인연이 될 것입니다! 상해에 있는 한국인에게는 더더욱 강추하고 싶습니다!! 에밀리 자오 선생님 짱!!
我叫艾恩妮,我是巴西人,去年我认识Emily老师,她不但是一个好老师,还是一个好人,因为她的最关心的事儿是学生懂得好。我从来没有认识别的老师一样,所以我想她,我希望一天我可以看到她再一次。 My name is Elaine Bido, I'm Brazilian, last year I knew Teacher Emily, She is not only a good teacher, still is a good person, because her most concern is about if students are understanding well. I never knew other teacher like her, because of it I miss her and I hope one day I can see her again.
Nita Killian
Lee Hyunmei
Elaine Bido
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